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ASHI'S highest award for distinguished contributions
to the Society and the Profession of Home Inspection.
In recognition and appreciation of your many years
of service, your peers and fellows humbly
extend this memento to you as a token of our
highest esteem and regard for your service.

Awarded January 21, 2019


Gerald "Jerry" Simmons, ACI: Jerry is an ASHI certified home inspector with over 30 years of experience.
gas 90x90In 1988 Jerry earned a license to become a pest control operator, not to become a pest control operator, just for the purpose of being able to identify wood logodestroying organisms including termite activity.
Jerry was one of the first home inspectors to earn a Radon Proficiency for an both Individual use and Organizational use.
Before becoming an inspector he worked in Real Estate and the housing industry, In the early 1970s as a Real Estate agent and Broker, inactive since 1986.
He owned and operated a successful construction company accumulating 15 years experience in the construction industry as a general contractor.
Jerry's  inspections  are thorough and concise his reports describe conditions discovered during the inspection process and that information is presented in an understandable format. The main purpose of the inspection is to provide information that can help a buyer make an informed decision.
Inspection report layout and content is based on the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Industry Certifications:

  • CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Inspector:  Structural, HVAC, Plumbing, & Electric - Registration No. 1499
  • Housing Rehabilitation Inspector - Registration No. 1085
  • Standard Code Building Inspector - Registration No. 5104

Other achievements:

  • Co-founder: Georgia Association of Home Inspectors: - 1989
  • Vice-President: Georgia Association of Home Inspectors: 1989 - 1991
  • President: Georgia Association of Home Inspectors: 1992
  • President: ASHI Georgia, Inc. 2012
  • Treasurer: ASHI Georgia, Inc. 2007, 2015, 2016 to current
  • Co-Chairman SE Home Inspector Conference 2007 to current
  • ASHI Council of Representatives 2016 - 2017
  • Group leader Council of Representatives - 2017
  • Radon Measurement Proficiency Organization ID No. 2190700
  • Radon Measurement Proficiency Individual ID No. 140550
  • Professional Pest Control Technology training 10/27/89
  • Continuing Education - 30 + hours per year for 30 plus years

Good morning Gerald, thank you for you services yesterday I really appreciate the information you shared with  me personally and on the write up of the inspection it
will be very helpful in the future, son thanks again.

Janice 4/11

Hi Jerry,
You did a fantastic job inspecting the roof structure of my home that I was selling on Oak Brook Way home (off of Osborn Road) In October.
I’m in Florida for winter, before returning to Atlanta to purchase another home in the spring.
I just made an offer on a house here in St. Petersburg area (Tampa Bay area), and was wondering if you could please point me in the direction of a top notch home inspector like you.  Any direction would be appreciated.
 ~ Jim

Thank you very much for the follow up call and the honest and detailed evaluation of the house. You really are the savior of the home buyer, and really the only hope people have of getting a decent place to live, keep up the outstanding work.
Thank you,

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for getting this turned around so quickly!  Your report is PERFECT.  We truly appreciate it and will make sure to refer you to our friends and acquaintances if they are in need of your service.
 Warm regards,
Julie and John

Thanks so much for getting this modified report to us so quickly. Most of our questions were just to clarify a few things, but sealing the windows and dealing with water issues in the basement were our main concerns, and you’ve addressed those perfectly. We will insist that these things be done to our satisfaction based on the information you’ve provided. We’ll start negotiating repair issues with the seller on Monday and finalize everything pending the radon results on Tuesday. We could not have proceeded in such a timely way without your help, and we are most appreciative of your efforts on our behalf.

SE - 11/26

Mr. Simmons,

Thanks again for the excellent job and the inspection report on our property.  We appreciate your expertise and your professionalism.  You are truly a blessing to our family.


July 25

Wow, Jerry

What a detailed and informative report! Thank you so much for such a professional job. This will help me with my decision regarding a counteroffer and purchasing the home.  I'll let you know how thing turn out.

Thank again,


Thank you Jerry!
It was a pleasure meeting you too. Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts on the house. I really feel so much better about this purchase because of it.


Mr. Simmons,
Thank you for your excellent inspection report.  It was more than I expected and very much appreciated.

Thank you again, (12/30)


I want to take a minute and thank you for your time yesterday.  Your willingness to take the time and explain everything to me is greatly appreceiated.  
I want you to know that I will pass your name on every chance I get. 
Have a great afternoon. (10/06)

Mr. Simmons,

The recent findings in outlined in your report let us know that the house isn't as stable as we were hoping it to be, and this wasn't the right home for us.
We are now armed with the knowledge you've shared with us, and can make a somewhat more informed walk-through as we continue our search.
We look forward to having you inspect the next home we put under contract!
--Sean and Wendy

Thanks so much. Since I'm trying to buy this place from more than 1,000 miles away, the details are daunting.


Owner of property inspected last Friday called today and was raving about the work you did as
an inspector. Most complimentary!
Said he had bought 2 or 3 homes in past and never had an inspector who did
as good a job as you did. He will keep you in mind should he buy another
home here.

Hello Gerry,
Thank you for your outstandingly thorough report.  We are so fortunate to have been put in touch with you.  I wanted to let you know that I contacted the County Water and Sewer this morning @ 8am.  They stated that they would make it a priority to get out to the property ASAP, because of the possible creek contamination.  I'm glad you suggested that I do that.  We'll see what they say.  I'll keep you posted.
Until then, have wonderful times!

Just wanted to update you about the sewage smell.  Ends up the county
found a felled tree upon a manhole, which burst the piping somehow, and
raw sewage was pooling in that area - yuck!  They repaired that, and
will also return to place new manhole covers.  Good one Jerry,
Have a good one,

Excellent Service
Mr. Simmons arrived on time, took the time to explain what he would do,described the good things about our purchase in addition
to telling us things we should know about the property.

Our third inspection in eleven years
Mr. Simmons inspected our first, second and now our third house.

Gerald is professional, knowledgeable and I appreciate the
information he provided by my condo.

We will not use anyone else!!!
Mr. Simmons has inspected two houses for me, my sister's house,
my brother's house, and my cousin's Townhouse.

Excellent Report
Mr. Simmons writes an understandable report that describes the condition of the house
and he makes recommendations how to maintain. In addition to his understandable report
he puts things in perspective.

Great Inspection
Know I know what Jeannette meant when she told me
people come back to Mr. Simmons two and three times.

thank you for a well written report, and for your excellent help!

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