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C.L.U.E. Report

A C.L.U.E. report. Just what is a CLUE report and why can a CLUE report be important?

I didn't have a clue, no pun intended, so I turned to the Internet. 

An article by James Kimmons starts by defining CLUE.

CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange and a CLUE report contains 5-years of information from insurance companies that includes dates of claims and whether or not a loss is tied to a an event such as a hurricane or flood or if a claim is related to something that occurred inside the house and more important, if money was paid.

Without going into a lot of detail the importance of a CLUE report is to learn if any claims during the previous 5-years will have an adverse effect on the ability of a purchaser to buy insurance.

One of the examples Mr Kimmons puts forward his article is "A report could provide loss information that would cause a buyer to reconsider the purchase of a home. If there had been a loss paid due to water damage and mold, the buyer might pass on the deal, as it could be expensive or very difficult to get insurance down the road."

A CLUE report is based on what has occurred and what if any claims have been made or what if any payments were made to cover a claim.