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Thermal Image

Anyone who claims that an infrared camera allows the user to see into walls or that an infrared camera will identify a water leak behind the surface is making dishonest and false statements. A camera is a camera; digital or infrared, it takes a picture of a surface. A digital camera forms an image using light.An infrared camera or a thermal imager does the same, only it uses infrared radiation that measures or profiles heat. A digital camera takes a picture of an individual or an object and captures the visible surface. An infrared camera takes the same image but converts what is sees into colors that identify variations in surface temperatures. Infrared cameras can identify areas that may need additional testing or evaluation, but they are not conclusive and should not be relied upon without further testing and evaluation. Be  wary of anyone who claims an infrared camera allows the user to see into a wall. Infrared or thermal imaging can play an important roll for the home inspection and decision making process when used properly.